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Viceroy Commercials Compilation

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Viceroy Commercials Compilation

Published 1967

Compilation of Viceroy cigarette commercials.

Audio/Visual sound, color


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Reviewer: Meatpies - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - September 9, 2013
Subject: They took "understated" to a whole new level
This review is about the content of the commercials, not the quality of the video. As an uploader and collector myself, sometimes you have no control over what condition your videos come in. I am one who would rather have a bad copy of an ad than no copy of an ad, so I'm not going to comment on that aspect.

However, the advertising style is, well, poor. It's important to see how advertising has changed over the years from the hard sell of the 50s, where "yes" is slathered over an ad like butter on fresh bread, to the more personal touch of the 60s, getting "Joe Everybody" to tell you about a product.

Personally, I think the bit of "Try Viceroy, the taste never quits." "Why is that?" "I dunno." business doesn't sell. Why would I buy from someone who doesn't know? It doesn't make me want to try the product. (Yes, I'm a smoker) In my opinion, I would have rather skipped the whole "I dunno" part and left it with "The taste never quits, try one." and had the other guy/girl agree. "You know, you're right!" To me, the acting was just luke warm, at best.

I think the situation of the commercial took over. The car design, the driving test, the artwork, I became more interested in that than the product. This might be a bad attempt at being more subliminal, but I just think the campaign failed. It didn't sell me, at least, and I know how influenced I was by commercials growing up. Why do you think I have to have my kitchen smell like lemons all the time?

I give this 4 stars because a.) I won't discount for video quality. b.) I won't discount for audio quality. I would rather see video in it's original state than "fixed", but that's just my opinion. But I can't give it 5 stars because of the BAD BAD advertising campaign and acting.
Reviewer: guyburns - favorite - September 7, 2013
Subject: “Good taste never quits” (and bad commercials shouldn’t start)
Five one-minute commercials (doubled up) in 11 minutes, and one 10-second short.

Poor quality video and audio. The video is so badly faded (almost brown) that it would be better to desaturate to B&W before making use of it. The audio sounds as if it has been passed lightly through a phaser.

The quality might be acceptable if the ads had some merit, but they don’t. The 10-second animated short is the most interesting. How could it be otherwise when the subject of the ads include: two men talking about a scaled version of a new car; a female learner-driver talking to her instructor; two men meeting in an airport lounge; a man and woman not understanding a modern work of art; and a boring public speaker. The latter ad only too aptly captures the dullness of the situation — I assume unintentionally. I’m reminded of a criticism of George Harrison’s song Blue Jay Way (p216, Revolution in the Head):

“His contribution to Magical Mystery Tour was as unfocused and monotonous as most of the group’s other music of this period. Written in the fog-bound Hollywood Hills… Blue Jay Way all too successfully conveys its author’s jet-lagged dislocation while waiting for publicist Derek Taylor to arrive… Laden with ADT, phasing, and backward tapes, it numbingly fails to transcend the boredom that inspired it.”

Maybe these ads were created by bored agency staff. It baffles me why anyone would think that humourless ads of ordinary people doing ordinary things would make a good ad. Of course, mundane ads can work if done with panache and humour, but these are just dull.

Of historic interest only – barely.